Thursday, August 23, 2012

Explode Blog Traffic Using Images

You can literally drive an explosion of traffic to your blog by using images. It’s a commonly overlooked method and especially new bloggers may tend to be unaware of this easy traffic generating tip.

Since Google changed it’s algorithm for ranking sites (known as the Panda effect) many bloggers have experienced a huge decrease in traffic. The Panda effect as it’s called is a direct result of an update that Google made to it’s search and indexing algorithms in 2011.

When this change was made Google made an effort to remove all low quality websites from it’s indexes such as websites with duplicate content or link farms. As a result it was estimated that sites such as article submission sites saw as much as a 75% drop in traffic after the changes. This was due to users posting junk and duplicate articles in an effort to create backlinks to their own site.

As a result of Google’s ever changing algorithm it is necessary to continuously search for new ways to drive traffic to our blogs. One of the ways that still seems to work great is by using images in your blog posts. It’s a very simple and effective method.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are still hungry for images and when they are implemented correctly they can send an explosion of traffic to your blog. Below is an example of how to set the Title, ALT (Alternate Text) and Link URL for your image in WordPress. This image below was taken from an image that I used on thispost.

Drive Traffic to your Blog with Images
Be sure to add at least 1 image to each blog post that you create, in addition set the same image from your post as a featured image to display as a thumbnail if you are using excerpts on your homepage as I do with

Find an image that is relevant to your posts content. I also like to link the image back to the post as you can see in the example above. For the example image above for this post I set the Title and ALT tags to “Drive Traffic to your Blog with Images” and linked the image back to this post. Be sure that you use your focus keyword in the Title and ALT tags of the images in addition to using your focus keyword several times throughout your post.

Now repeat the above steps twice daily and relax as your images get indexed. Start checking your blogs stats and in a few weeks or so you should start to see the fruits of your efforts driving traffic to your blog from the major search engines.

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