Sunday, September 30, 2012


Indonesia – unity in diversity. The state motto of this largest archipelago nation in the world is an apt description what Go Vacation Indonesia managed to achieve in its almost two decades of presence as a destination management company. Our strength is having built our own regional network with three branch offices and own staff in Bali, Yogyakarta and Lombok, where clients are being taken care of in a highly personalized way, and always assured of the self-imposed and extremely high quality standards that set us apart. But even in regions far away from our major tourist hubs, such as North Sulawesi or Sumatra we exclusively work with the same local ground handlers that proove a deep understanding of their destination and the needs of our discerning travelers, since many years, yet being innovative at the same time. Our widespread team is more like a family where everyone speaks the same language, and you can sense it when you talk to us as your partner.
Having extended our portfolio of well-researched and unique tour programs and constantly checked hotels to almost every single corner of this vast island nation, we enjoy a healthy growth rate in acquiring new accounts even from newly emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. We have grown in business volume and gone global, proudly serving over 50.000 guests per year, and enjoying an excellent name and standing among the region’s hoteliers, but we have never lost focus on the needs of the individual guest. Get in touch with us and feel our passion to deliver excellence to the ladies and gentlemen we call our cherished personal guests!

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