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Wow! It is a very interesting thing to write on a very popular site which has being on for a very long time and I am very sure you want to know the ways to earn money online by using it. It is not a rumor but Google makes about $25 billion yearly. Jeez! That’s a whole lot of zeros we are talking about and it is just too awesome to know that once you begin to earn the doe, you will be having little bits of that large pie.
More than a billion people use Google monthly and these sites that are being advertised on Google are meant to give us more information on things. Well, I think sites that tell of how much Google can help businesses are not lying and in this article, I will be reviewing the ways in which you can make money when using this lovely and profitable site.
Before I say anything else, I would love to list out to you the ways to earn money online via Google and I advice that you use them wisely and be sure to understand them as you use them well. It can be used for small, medium or large-sized web sites. Wait a minute! I think I am going too far.
Below are the ways to earn money by using Google:
¨       Google Adsense
¨       Blogger
¨       Google Adwords
¨       Google Image Labeler
¨       Google checkout
But in this article, I will be viewing how to use Google Adsense and it will be explained to you to your understanding and I hope you’d use it wisely.
ð  Google Adsense
This is a very intriguing tip for different websites because it is cool for revenue-sharing. It is of no surprise that most masters of the web are setting up designs for new sites. There is one thing you should know about Adsense; it is not right for you to produce just one site mainly for that.
To make use of it, you must obey the following:
  1. Have a goal to achieve for what you want to earn when using Adsense. In order to earn a lot, you must be sure to have a goal and be real. Sometimes, people just sit down and being to guess how much they want to earn when using this. Let me just give you a tip: when using this tip, consider these things:
¨       On order for you to earn a dollar for a page, you must have visitors on that page, about 5% clicks and an average of 5c payout; or, you can have;
¨       200 visitors, plus 10% CTR (click-through rate) and an average of 5c payout;
¨       100 visitors, 5% CTR and 20c average payout;
¨       100 visitors, 10 % CTR and payout average of 10c.
Once this is considered, you can move on to the next phase which is:
    2.   Know if these goals that are being thought of will be given to your site. You know, not everything we think about comes to pass? This is because we do not research and know what stand to take. Though, it is possible for the payout of 5c to be achievable but the CTRs don’t really make sense or are reasonable for some sites. There was a time, back in the days when Google Adsense was making waves but the users were not motivated in the area of CTRs. So, to make it worth your while, create sites that attract traffic. The ratings of these CTRs are as follows; 0.5% is fairly common, 3%, ideal in a way while 5% is based on unrealistic goals.
3.  As I said earlier, you have to be realistic. It is kinda funny to know that people just imagine or think up this thought that creating a website will make you rich in the twinkle of an eye, or that they can earn more than enough money from Google. Actions speak louder than words and I assure you that there is no way you can put them into action without deciding to do it yourself. Take for example, you want to build a medium website with about 200,000 page views monthly with CTR of 0.5% and payout of 5c. You will only get US$35 because for you to get that amount of page views, you’ll have to have about 500-1000 users before the end of the month.
Theoretically, the number of users is more than the amount of websites that are competing for users.
   4.   Begin to build keywords that have being gotten via researches in order to get profitable links. Remember that when getting keywords, picking out the ones that have more competition is the only way to get you noted because as far as Google is concerned, they are the ones that are most wanted by users. So, I advice that you choose your keywords right and b e sure to perform intensive researches in order to build a nice page.
To make it easier for you to use Google Adsense to earn money online, be sure to have these at the back of your mind;
  • The only way your site can be close to unique is the quality because it is the most important part of every website. If your site doesn’t have that quality, I don’t think your visitors will want to come back for more.
  • To make it easier for you to earn money is by using sites that drive traffic such as FLixya, and it is easy for you to sign up without the time or cash needed to build traffic on your site.
  • Another thing you need to do is to try as much as possible to abstain from the use of non-English words.
  • As most of us know, Google doesn’t specify how they know the kinds of Ads to post on a page, but they made it known to us that it’s the content (text) that matters, not the mega tags.
So, to part ways with you, let me just say that to earn money online via Google is very easy and you must also have this in  mind that sometimes, Google guesses wrong when it see that your site doesn’t have content. When this happens, you should know that the Ads as irrelevant. Once your Ads are clicked, they will be rejected by Google and your account will be suspended.

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