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Car insurance these days is something which everyone should consider. Especially in UK, this option can prove to be quite fruitful to you in case of any damage to your car. But before you begin your venture and search for the best car insurance companies, you must take into account some information and knowledge that is present all over the web about the insurance policies and companies that offer their services in this regard. Have you ever tried to wonder that why is there a significant different in the prices of the policies that are being offered these days. I am sure that you have. Initially it might seem like that going for a car insurance policy is not difficult but trust me when I say that the process is very complex and that the terms and conditions of these policies vary from company to company. To further help you in making the decision about hiring the best car insurance company in the market, I have made a list. Here are the 10 best car insurance companies in UK.

         Best Car Insurance Companies in UK

10. AA Car Insurance
AA Car Insurance is one of the most experienced in the market. The car insurance solutions that they offer cover a wide range of aspects which are related to your motor needs. They offer a plethora of services in this regard including some of the most discounted deals and offers.

9. Young Drivers
As the name suggests, the services of this company are directed more towards the motor needs of the youngsters having ages near 19 or 20. There are a number of underlying incentives and offers you can avail by hiring the services of this one of a kind company. But do remember to read all the conditions thoroughly before you go for anyone of them.

8. Endsleigh Car Insurance
With its long list of satisfied customers and clientele, this specific company has been around for quite some time now. Since the times of its inception, the company showed a fast transition in the list of the best car insurance companies located in the realms of the United Kingdom. One thing is for sure here i.e. this company knows how to respond positively to all your insurance needs and incentives.

7. Nationwide Motor Insurance
If you are in the dire need of some discounted offers and packages, then The Nationwide Motor Insurance Company is the one you should go for. As I mentioned earlier that all of these companies vary in terms of the policies of they provide, so it is an indicator that not all companies might be suitable for every customer. It is also one of those rare companies that have been awarded a number of performance stars by Defaqto. But the option that makes the services of this company one of the most desired, is the specialized no claim discount which goes up to 75 %. Now that is something which you won’t find easily.

6. AXA Car Insurance
The name of this company might appear to be cocky, but let me tell you that it is one of the most reliable of them having some great online deals, 24/7 technical assistance and much more. It goes even beyond the discounts offered by the company on the number 7 spot. The discount percentage for this company goes to the 90 % mark which is something you should consider.

5. Admiral Car Insurance
Just to give some basic idea about the services of this company, here are some of the reasons which make this company as the fifth best. Great value quotes, car warranty, multi car insurance and some great deal of discount offers. I am sure that this is more enough to shape your preference patterns in terms of selecting a car insurance company for yourself.

4. Prudential Car Insurance
I making this list, Prudential was the company for which I found some large number of reviews and lists of satisfied clients. The prime reason for which I was able to get hold of these positivist reviews and comments are the levels of flexibility which are present in the offers put forward by this company.

3. John Lewis Car Insurance
For getting some instant quotes and offers, John Lewis yet another top notch company you should go for. Although it is new among the veteran companies in the market, but over the last few years its reputation has grown beyond leaps and bounds. With some courtesy car, no claim and 90 day cover discount, John Lewis boasts the highest quality services in the market.

2. RAC Car Insurance
As soon as you get in touch with this company the first thing they mention are their cheap car insurance plans. Now are these plans useful or not? Yes, they are and the long list of satisfied clientele also claims it to be. With some new car replacement and cover guarantees, RAC Car Insurance Company is another company which you should consider before making the final choice only if their offers suit your needs.

1. Norwich Union Car Insurance
With some low online premium offers, plethora of discounts, customer directed policies, being a part of the all known AVIVA Groups and the 5th largest and best car insurance company in the whole world, Norwich Union should make the selection quite easy for you. Furthermore, always prefer to go for the online application method in comparison to the offline mode. The reason for this being the wide range of discounts offered with many other goodies. The slogan of this best car insurance company in UK is “Pay as you Drive”. Now it depends on you that how fast you can act for building the No Claim bonus for which Norwich Union is so famous for.

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