Friday, November 23, 2012

Finance jobs

Finance jobs extend to fields beyond banking, investment management, and accounting. Career opportunities in this area can take you to NGO fundraising management, real estate appraising, and even business journalism. If you’re someone who’s equipped with knowledge and instinct in the field of finance, you do have a wide range of choices.
Commercial banks are among the instant destinations for many finance course graduates. Today’s banks offer a host of services for companies, families, and individuals for various purposes. These include savings and checking accounts, different types of loans, and other investment services. Fresh graduates usually start as tellers or customer service representatives in banks. Experienced ones can handle various positions, depending on their specialization, like mortgage banking officers, loan advisers, and bank managers.
Accounting jobs are another common target for people who’ve studied finance. It requires a good amount of technical knowledge in transactions, reporting, and other related tasks. People in this field generally begin with clerical positions, which train you in processing all kinds of checks, organizing ledger accounts, completing cash balances, and many others. They work their way up even to as far as the chief financial officer seat.
Financial planning is another option for people in this field, especially those who have acquired knowledge in estate planning, investments, and taxes. The main job of a financial planner is to help individuals manage their assets in the best way possible. This also includes helping people acquire funding for education, retirement, and other long-term objectives – securing a comfortable life for their clients. Some who are already experienced in this work practice as independent financial advisers, while those who are still learning the ropes and even most that are already seasoned in the field work in a firm.
The real estate industry also has jobs for finance majors. Property managers and real estate appraisers will work excellently if they have skills in the finance department. Similarly, the insurance business employs a lot of people who have studied finance. Their progress depends on the skills of actuaries, brokers, claims adjustment specialists, and underwriter.
Journalism is another industry open for people in this field. But this business requires all skills in numbers, analysis, and writing. Financial journalism is an interesting opportunity for those who’d like to an exciting career where they can meet leaders and other influential people in government and business.
Indeed, the world of financial careers isn’t just limited to banking and accounting jobs. It has a wealth of possibilities for those who have the skills and qualifications needed.
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