Thursday, November 15, 2012

Popular Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to sell affiliate products. Unlike advertising that pays you a few cents or a few dollars when your visitors click on the ads, affiliate programs pay you a commission when your visitors click on the ad and actually buy a product.

Depending on the product and the commission that the program pays, you could make a few dollars per sale or even a few hundred dollars. Finding good affiliate programs with quality products and the top commissions is key to maximizing your success with your blog. Here are some of the top affiliate marketplaces that the most successful bloggers use:

Click Bank

Click Bank specializes in digital products such as e-books, software, and membership sites. There are thousands of products available, and you can search products by keyword, popularity, commission, and more. Commissions pay up to 75 percent, and you can get paid by direct deposit every week.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction and Click Bank are two of the most popular affiliate networks. There are thousands of products that pay for  both sales and for leads. Commission Junction is the largest affiliate marketing network in North America and offers many top products with a great reputation and a great pay out.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces, and it has one of the largest affiliate programs. There are such a wide variety of products that its program is suitable for any blog in any niche. Commissions are typically lower than other programs, but commissions grow as you make more sales, and the wide variety of products make up for the lower pay outs.

Link ShareLink

Share is the largest affiliate program and has over 10 million opportunities available. It was named  Number 1 in the 2012 Blue Book of the Top 20 Affiliate Networks. There are affiliate programs to meet every niche and every monetization goal. The program has also earned an excellent reputation for customer service and support for affiliates.

Share A Sale

There are over 2,500 programs in this affiliate marketplace, including such top names as HootSuite and PS Print. In addition to offering a wide variety of quality programs for affiliate partners, this marketplace has also earned an excellent reputation for customer service and speedy payment of commissions.

Selecting a top affiliate program and quality products is key to the success of your monetization strategy. These affiliate marketplaces are among the best and are known for their quality programs, top commissions, and excellent support for their partners. Take some time to browse these marketplaces to find quality programs that complement your blog and that can bring you big commissions.

You can even sign up for a few of these marketplaces to get a variety of programs and to diversify your monetization efforts. What are your favorite affiliate marketplaces for finding programs to promote on your blogs? Share your thoughts and experiences with these or another favorite affiliate marketplace in the comments!

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