Sunday, December 23, 2012


Your day job is adding some money in your bank account, true! But what about those times when you need money urgently, like say, maybe for a trip or for a charity event? That’s the time when you need ideas on how to raise money fast. Here are some simple (legal) ideas to make money fast for kids, teens as well as adults.
Sell on eBay. Look around your room and you will find so many things that are lying around useless, things which you have brought but have never used it; sell those things on eBay and make some money. This is a really quick money making idea that you can try out.
Need some ideas to make money for kids? Run errands for your neighbors, take their dogs out for a walk, rake their lawns, or if it’s winter clear their driveway off snow, mow their lawns, babysit, wash their cars and the list goes on. These jobs are simple and safe and not only will you earn some cash but also the love of your neighbors.
Love to write? Then how about some freelance writing? There are many newspapers, websites and magazines that will give you the chance to work as a freelance writer with them and for each article that you write, you get paid.
Here are some more money making ideas. Make jams and jellies or bake some of your family’s ‘secret recipe cakes, pies and cookies’ and sell them. Sit outside an office or school and you will not go short of customers.
Work in a bookstore as a seller or assistant or you can also work as a waiter/waitress in a coffee shop or restaurant.
Need some more ideas to make money fast? Work as a substitute teacher in the local school. There are times when the permanent teacher is either sick or busy and thus cannot teach. Take this opportunity to work as a substitute teacher. You can also work as a tutor and help the weak students in their studies. This is one of the best money making idea for teenagers.
What about photography? If it’s your hobby then take out your camera and click pictures of weddings, or kids or parties and get paid for that.
Make greeting cards at home and sell them. People need these greeting cards not just for Christmas and New Year, but for birthdays, and anniversaries, Thanksgiving, wishing luck, get well cards and the list goes on. If you are into craft and creativity, then make some cards at home and sell them and get some money.
You can also become a life guard at the beach or probably at the kids swimming pool, but make sure that you know how to swim.
If you know some foreign language really well or if your neighbors are not that fluent with the English language, then offer to teach them, of course with a price.
Here’s some extra money making ideas for those who are talented in something or the other. If you are good at dancing or singing or crafts or jewelry making, then share your talent with others. Teach kids or teens and also get paid for it.