Thursday, February 14, 2013


Have a blog which is everything to you? Make sure you got these things under control.
If your Blog is your Dream and you are willing to dedicate yourself for it. You should also consider some great tributes. Blogging is an Art and you have to work hard for success.

Love your Blog.

Make sure that your blog is your best friend. Love it. :) Treat it like it deserves some love. Kick out the laziness out of you and care for it. Don’t be bored out of your blog.
Understand that he will love you back in the future.

Don’t get too Advertised.

Blogging is not a process of making money. But it is when done professionally. Don’t make your readers disappointed or bored with irritating Pop_ups and Ad Banners. You will be paid what you deserves.
Refer : Earn more with CPC Campaigns Wisely.  – Where you can master the secrets of earning from ads without making your Blog Boring.
Thing hard.

Blogging is not a money machine.

Understand that you can’t make money overnight by blogging. You need to be successful in blogging first and for that you need patience and a willing mind.
Many of those new bloggers and internet users , maybe even you might think that you can Earn some Big Sack of Cash just by creating a blog and writing some stuff on it. This proves the Lack of Knowledge of the Newbies.
Miracles can happen in blogging only where Hard Work is applied.
Refer : Earning money from your Blog.
 - My previous article about earning revenue from blogs via Ad networks.

Keep some Back Up Plans.

Try saving urgent and high priority files of your blog. Always have the portion Meta codes and export blog posts frequently.
Make sure you got a Back Up file of your blogger template or source code of your blog.

Improve your Writing skills.

Writing Skills.
Practice makes a Blogger better and professional. You need to try , try and try.
Reading improves your Writing output quality directly. You must have a habit of reading especially when you are a blogger.
Dedicate more time on your content quality research. Remember that Content is the King and you need to make use of the king.

Make your blog SEO friendly. ( Search Engine Optimization )

Research more on SEO specifications and topics. SEO = Traffic + Popularity.
Refer : How to write articles with High Quality SEO.
- The art of writing SEO articles is having the ability to please both the search engines and your website visitors. The key is to incorporate these necessary SEO content rules into your articles without the human visitor noticing.
  • Make your keywords bold and italics.
    Making good use of them will result in high organic traffic.
  • Use keywords through out the article. Always try to repeat main keywords and topic phrases across the article , but in a way of manner.
  • Use alt tags for your images for search results via your images.
    Optimize your images and use relevant images.


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