Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Neither the Nexus tablets, nor the Surface ones had anywhere near as many sales as Apple’s iPad (within the tens of millions), but at the very least the Nexus 7 sold a reasonably large number in 2012, somewhere close to 6 000 0000 units. Which happened to be 60% of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 sales last year, which is the reason it’s this kind of serious issue for the children that Bing is picking Qualcomm for the next-gen Nexus 7.
The Nexus 10 tablet didn’t do as well, and is rumored to have sold only around 680,000 units. That would put it about on par or slightly less than Surface RT, and probably around the same number of sales as Surface Pro, or a little more than that. It’s hard to know for sure, since Microsoft lumped Surface RT and Surface Pro together, when they mentioned the sales numbers earlier this year.
Have no idea of much more sense in this instance, though, is always to compare all of the Nexus tablets (such as the Nexus 7) with all the Surface tablets. Or perhaps do a comparison side-by-side, with each individual tablet. Only then do we have a clearer picture of precisely how they all have done in the marketplace.
One thing is made for sure, though, that the two of the Surface tablets, nor the Nexus 10 did everything that well on the market. Personally i think that Google could’ve done additional with all the Nexus 10 if they had used a much better design and make material, and in addition perform superior job at promoting it.

Android still doesn’t feel totally optimized for 10? tablets right now, to ensure that probably played a part inside it, too. Hopefully together with the upcoming type of Android, Google will be making a minimum of the OS interface look a lot more optimized for 10? tablets, even though it’s going to still take time longer until we a bunch of apps which might be also optimized for tablets.
They’ve recently started giving Android developers more incentives to create tablet apps, which should’ve happened a long time ago, like having the capacity to post the screenshots of the tablet apps about the Play Store. But that’s hopefully merely the to begin the countless incentives Yahoo is gonna give developers to enhance their apps for tablets. The iPad has a very significant lead in tablet apps right this moment, and Yahoo is not likely to meet up with Apple in tablet apps should they be chilling out and not doing anything regarding it.
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