Saturday, August 11, 2012

It’s easyhits4u scam?

Of course not! Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange program and one of the most honest on the internet, that also pays you when you surf a certain number of websites. It was created on 13.01.2003 and at this time has 280.895 members.
Easyhits4you has a lot of advantages for those becoming members:
- after you surf the first 50 websites you get 50 free credits & 500 text ad impressions (with these credits you can send traffic on your website or on another website where you join an affiliate program)
- you get $0.30 for each 1000 surfed websites, practically looks a little like the ptc sites
- you get $0.10 for each active referral that has surfed at least 100 websites in Easyhits4u (for the free embers there are 5 levels of referrals you can earn money from)
- you receive bonuses at a certain number of surfed pages : 25, 50, 100, 200 like: traffic credits; banner impressions, text ad impressions, money(beside the ones you receive at every 100 surfed websites) and surf drawing tickets (with these tickets you can participate at a drawing where you can earn $1 or 500 traffic credits).
- you receive traffic credits if the referrals you bring are active in easy hits for you and if they continue surfing.
- when you reached $3 in your balance you can cashout.
The payment is made trough alertpay and paypal in maximum 5-7 days.
For many…these advantages will not seem so interesting. I mean who would want to surf 1000 websites for only 30 cents? But the main idea here is that you get traffic and money in the same time.
I know there are plenty of people using traffic exchanges websites but make no money …because they do not surf or they do not bring referrals, but I believe easyhits4you is a website worth taking in consideration, at least if you want to get some referrals for the ptc sites or other websites and also make money in the same time.

If you want a traffic exchange that will bring you money, not only traffic credits then click on the following link and join for free easyhits4u.

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