Sunday, August 12, 2012


Before joining a ptc site you should always do a research on the internet to see if it’s trusted or not or what are people saying about it.
In the next few paragraphs I will present you some of the things you could take in consideration when checking a ptc site and also you will find a couple of sites where you can find real information about scam and trusted ptc sites.
1. First of all – take a look at the fee they perceive from their advertisers and then compare it to the fee they are paying to the members. If they pay the members more than they ask from their advertisers then the website is not financially sustainable. In other words they don’t make a profit from it and it will not last for long, even if you can’t seem to find complaints about it, yet.
2. Make a short research on Google with the name of the ptc domain you are verifying followed by the word “scam”. If people are complaining about that particular ptc site you will find it in the first result pages for sure.
3. There should always be a forum for the members to discuss their issues. Check if the ptc has a forum and take a close look in the forum. See if there are complaints or issues to be solved and how exactly the admin is answering to those posts. If there aren’t complaints of any kind, or bugs or issues to solve then probably the admin is removing the inconvenient posts. A ptc site like that is 80% scam.
4. Go to and do a search for the ptc’s domain. You can find there when the website was registered, where was it registered, what hosting service is using. If it is a free hosting or a free domain or even in a country you’ve never heard of then it is not a trustworthy ptc site. If the owner is not willing to invest in his business the minimum amount possible then he will not invest in his members either.
5. Take a look at the ads shown in the member area. If the majority of the ads lead to threads in its own forum or to different offers also from its own website then the ptc is not trustworthy. Think about it for a second. Why should someone be happy to pay you to see things you already see in the member area?!… Even if it pays you once, the ptc is not going to last with this kind of profit strategy.
6. The website looks totally unprofessional. Like I said above, if the owner is not willing to invest something in his business it’s hard to believe he will invest in his members.
7. You get more than $0.01/click. If you see something like that then it should ring the bell. For more than $0.01 per click advertisers could use Adwords for targeted people. If you find a ptc that pays you like $0.07, I don’t recommend wasting your time with it.
8. If the ptc asks you to upgrade in order to receive your payments then it is not trustworthy. Beside the fact that you might pay the money to upgrade and never get the money you earned earlier from clicking, a trusted ptc pays its members even with a standard membership.
9. On the front page the payout is $2 and in the Terms of Service the payout is $10.
These are first things you should check before joining a ptc site. It may take a couple of minutes, but it’s worth the effort. It’s not pleasant at all to work a few days or more and at the end to see it’s all a big scam.
Next are listed the websites I told you about. They’re useful when verifying ptc sites:

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